WEAVA Cell forms part of the Waxbill Capital Group of Companies.  With a vision to be the preferred cellular solutions provider for the South African population, WEAVA Cell also specialises in “making cellular decisions simple.”

The company’s Top-up contracts are designed to assist consumers with bad credit scores. Help is provided for customers who don’t qualify for a conventional contract.

In addition, WEAVA Cell strives to target the existing prepaid market and to convert them to post-paid contracts. An approved Vodacom dealer, handsets provided by WEAVA Cell include a 24-month Vodacom warranty.

WEAVA Cell offers a wide array of cellular and related products and services. With more than seven years of cellular knowledge and experience, the company is in the ideal position to be able to help consumers with just the right cellular solution for their individual needs. Post-paid contracts or top-up contracts are provided on a monthly basis.

How post-paid contracts work:

The user is billed after the fact, according to their use of mobile services at the end of each month. So the customer’s contract will specify a limit or specific “allowance” of minutes and text messages and the customer will be billed a flat rate for any usage of that allowance. If customers need additional airtime, after using all airtime minutes, they can purchase it from any prepaid vendor.

The benefits of post-paid contracts include:

  • With a 2 year contract, the service provider will essentially subsidize the phone you wish to pay for.
  • With post-paid plans, you often have the option of adding data plans
  • You have a consistent payment you are responsible for on a monthly basis- allowing for easier budgeting.

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WEAVA CELL – ultimate cellular solutions provider