Surebank personal loans – The state of health of the banking industry has always been measured by the diversity of banking and financial institutions providing a variety of financial products and solutions to the general populace. From this background, it is safe then to say the South African banking is in a very healthy state because the country’s banking and financial landscape is endowed with a number of local and international institutions.

One of those institutions making a remarkable contribution to this critical sector is SureBank. SureBank  is a division of the South African bank of Athens. Driven by the desire to provide banking products and services which are safe, simple and smart to residents in South Africa, SureBank has gone on to establish a business presence in almost all the corners of South Africa in provinces like Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo.

SureBank offers its clients three different accounts namely the Business account, Classic account, Sure Club and the Vintage account.

The business account is a transactional account which works through two channels which are the web-based banking interface and the cell phone banking platform. The business account offers affordable electronic banking solutions, it allows clients to pay creditors or employees with the BizBank portal, ability to do cellphone transactions and access to the EDO payment system.

The classic account is the ideal savings account but it also gives clients the option of debit card purchases and paying bills with the cell phone.

The Sure club is the funeral benefit account that allows clients to deal with the emotional and financial burden of a funeral. The Sure club funeral benefit covers the account holder and the spouse as well as 4 children. The Sure club offers great benefits such as low premiums, quick payouts and the extended family option.

The Vintage account is tailor-made for the pensioners market and has great benefits such as statements on request, balance inquiries, stop orders etc.

SureBank is indeed a one stop house for all things finance. SureBank can be contacted on 0128101400.

SureBank loans, bringing the banking peace of mind

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