Sasfin insurance – The insurance industry is one of the most risky and dynamic industries, it is an industry which requires utmost good faith and it has certain characteristics which are not usually found in other kinds of contractual agreements. The abundance of insurance companies on the market has made the trust factor and getting the right service or product that meets specific needs even more tricky for both service providers and consumers. A unique name has however been contributing to the smooth running of this important industry for a while now and this name is Sasfin Insurance Consulting.

Sasfin insurance is a short-term insurance division which is focused on providing independent broker services catering for individuals and corporate organisations of all sizes and in different sectors of the economy. Sasfins role is to be a broker and insurance advisor to a wide range of clients who include top corporate managers with insurance needs which are often linked with the risk cover requirements of their businesses and investment interests.

The Sasfin insurance solutions cover matters like personal domestic, commercial, corporate, industrial, marine, transit insurance, professional liability, directors liability, personal accident and injury and special risks.

With particular attention on insurance risk assessment which considers individual and business insurance risks and appropriate products and solutions, Sasfin is able to source and  provide services and products which are cost-effective. The Sasfin insurance solutions are also underwritten by specially selected blue-chip insurers with proven claims payment capability.

To enjoy the Sasfin insurance solutions, please call 0118097694.

Sasfin insurance consulting services

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