Mperor loans stands as a perfect example of South Africa’s fast growing micro lending sector. Micro financesector was established in the country out of a firm belief that there was need to allow rural communities, small entrepreneurs and others to provide financial services under a flexible regulatory environment. The logic by extension was also to help the poor and disadvantaged to access cash loans easily. The operating guideline was therefore flexible, quick and convenient cash access. These stated operational characteristics are what defines Mperor loans.

This micro lender offers pay day and personal loans to clients. Pay day loans are offered from a minimum amount of R500 to a maximum amount of R2500. Because this is a pay day arrangement, it means it has to be paid back when a customer gets paid. Personal loans offer up to R15,000 which is supposed to be paid back over a period of months. Mperor loans ensures that loan applications are given full attention while at the same time  making sure utmost respect is given to each and every customer.

To qualify for this credit, a customer needs to be 18 years and above, be in possession of a green South African ID, have monthly income, show proof of income and show bank details where this income is deposited and repayment debit orders can be conducted.

Mperor loans can be contacted on 0317014910.

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