Melville Douglas Investment Management, founded in 1983 by Harvey Douglas, this financial institution was formed to cater to clients looking for a highly personalized form of investment management services.

Since being built on, a foundation of exceptional service and performance, Melville Douglas has become one of the most respected and admired premier portfolio management companies in the country.

Although able to keep its original identity, the company was later incorporated as a member of the Standard Bank group.
Their team of skilled portfolio managers, use their experience and knowledge of international economics, politics and corporate events. As a guide in doing business because what happens internationally can greatly impart local market conditions.

Their Client base is largely made up of net worth individuals and family trusts. Then private pensions, provident funds, educational and charitable trusts and a small fraction of the portfolios the institution represents are institutional funds.

This financial organisation understands that no two clients are the same. In an effort to ensure that each client receives the best financial solutions that, cater to their needs as individuals. The company makes an effort to arrange meetings between prospective clients and management, to make sure that they are assigning a client to a portfolio manger that will be able to understand the client and what the client wants.

This Institution is based on the following differentiators:

  • Highly personalized service.
  • Portfolio management conducted within the context of a total financial plan.
  • A proven track record
  • Client’s objectives are aligned with those of the portfolio to ensure the best results.

For more information contact Melville Douglas on:
Tel: 011 721 7000
Fax: 086 202 7235

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Melville Douglas Investment Management