Loans for blacklisted: there are times when you may need money for a crisis or a project, but may unfortunately not qualify for a loan from most institutions due to being blacklisted or having a bad credit record. When situations like these arise, there are services available to help – be it for personal loan, payday loan, cellphone contract and even debt counseling.

Such loans, for blacklisted people, are available from R1, 000 up to R50, 000 to be used as a financial solution to any of your circumstances. You may also consolidate all your debts so as to repay them all, in the process improving your credit history. You have to make sure you pay off the loan you have applied for to start mending your credit record or to clear your name from the blacklisted records.

For convenience and safety, the loan amount you apply for is deposited into your bank account directly; giving you immediate access to your money, to use for anything you want.

Loans for Blacklisted People in South Africa

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