Money lending institutions have seen a considerable growth in the financial market in recent years, making the presence of credit or loan intermediary services all the more necessary for the South African financial market. As a credit intermediary service provider, Lendico Loans helps assist you with crucial information regarding loan applications and sourcing institutions with solutions that suite your budgetary needs.

Lendico’s expertise is the unique ability to directly connect money lenders with money borrowers’; enabling all parties involved to save on costs which are employed by traditional banking systems. Clearly put, the money borrower saves on interest and other costs while the money lender benefits from low interest rates and flexible terms.
When should you seek the services of a loan or credit intermediary service provider such as Lendico? When making expansions to your business, making comprehensive home improvements, seeking vehicle finance or debt consolidation, Lendico can advance loans of as much as R 200, 000 to you.

Accessing the funds availed by Lendico’s ingenious financial services is simple. Once you’ve contacted Lendico, provide documentation detailing how much you need and why you need it. Thereafter, you’re pleased with the conditions if the preliminary agreement, you will be eligible to apply for your loan.

Required for the application process are your pay slips, proof of residency and certified copy of your ID, and a detailed bank statement traversing three months. Potential investors are then given 14 days to invest in your project, a process which you can monitor from your account, tracking the amounts being invested by any number of investors interested in your project. When the project loan amount has been reached and all relevant documents digitally signed, you can access your funds. Contact Lendico on 0105009790 to get your loan, today.

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