The office of the Ombudsman for financial services providers is a constitutional office established with a statutory mandate of being an independent body that deals with all disputes fairly and impartially. Established in 2002, the objective of the Ombudsman is to consider and dispose off complaints by clients against financial services providers in a procedurally fair, informal, economical and expeditious manner.

The role of office of this institution is therefore being a facilitator of informal conflict resolution by providing advice, suasion, mediation, follow-up with actions, referral etc but also being an agent for change by making recommendations for change on policies and procedures.

One critical economic sector in which the office of the Ombudsman is involved in is the insurance sector. Because of this, the general public can therefore seek help from the office of the Ombudsman for short term insurance and Ombudsman for long term insurance.

The office of the Ombudsman for insurance has been granted recognition in terms of the provisions of the financial services Ombudsman schemes act. This office therefore assists consumers with short term insurance matters like motor, house owners (buildings), householders (contents), cell phone, travel, disability, credit protection insurance and commercial insurance on a limited basis.

Consumers are however advised that they must first complain to the insurance company first and only if the matter is not resolved by the insurer can they refer the matter to the Ombudsman office. The Ombudsmans decisions can be based on either law or equity and the Ombudsmans office does not give legal advice.

The insurance Ombudsmans office can be contacted on 0117268900.

The insurance ombudsman South Africa

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