Highest paying jobs in South Africa

The English dictionary defines a career as “a field for pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life”. To receive a substantial pay is a great motivator in the beginning of a career, with that said education is of outermost importance. With a diploma, degree or better still a post graduate qualification one could secure a well-paying job in a field of their choice.

Below are some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.
Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum Engineering is a field of engineering that involves the activities related to the production of crude oil and natural gas. Petroleum Engineers are responsible for most of the world’s widely used energy source, which is oil. The average salary one can earn in this field, in South Africa is R572 600 per year.

Air traffic controllers: This profession is responsible for the safe and orderly flow of air traffic. This field of work is best suited for those with a natural eye for detail. Salary per year is about R583 450.

Computer and information systems managers: The world at large is in the age of information; you can find a computer in almost every household, schools and offices around the globe. The computer and IT industry continues to grow exponentially. Computer and information system managers are responsible for managing the staff and infrastructure that computers take to save, protect and put information into use. The average annual pay in this profession is about R587 230.
Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

Lawyers: A lawyer is someone who basically studied & practices law, though the definition of this qualification varies from each legal jurisdiction, this depending on the type of law one majors in and practices. It is quite a popular profession, with each institution of higher learning nationwide having a staggering amount of students that apply for the course, to embark on the journey that will lead them into its in of work. For them there is no need to despair, because qualified lawyer in South Africa earns between 644 430 to 665 000 a year.

Airline pilots and Flight Engineers: Both these professions involve years of training and the years are worth the while in the long run. Airline pilots are tasked with flying private or commercial airplanes, while Flight engineers assist pilots and co-pilots on large aircraft. His or her responsibility is to monitor and operate many of the instruments and systems of the plane. Starting for both salary in this profession is about 695 800 per year.

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Highest paying jobs in South Africa

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