The credit card revolution has brought about financial and credit management convenience for many consumers. The role of financial institutions in this scenario has been to innovatively create and introduce credit card products which suit diverse market segments and income groups in the market. One of the Institutions spearheading these efforts in South Africa is Standard bank and the introduction on the market of the Standard banks Gold credit card reaffirms the banks commitment to this cause.

The Gold credit card is available for a qualifying income of R8,000 per month and it comes with mandatory debit order payment, lower interest rates and there are no transaction fees on purchases. Other specific benefits include basic automatic travel insurance cover, free secondary cards, free internet banking, free secure internet shopping and free emergency card replacement outside South Africa.

There are also other free transactions per statement cycle. These include, one cash deposit, one ATM provisional statement, one balance enquiry at an ATM, one balance enquiry over the counter, a client also receives 55 days interest free credit. The revolving and budget limits are also combined into single account limit which gives a client control over how much they want to use on the credit card limit.

To access the Gold credit card, Standard bank can be contacted on 0112994701.

Gold credit card from Standard bank

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