Loans from GetBucks – The gap for short term credit finance in South Africa has never been fully filled. This is because life will always present unforeseen circumstances which most of the time require financial remedy. This gap in the market is what brought GetBucks loans on the market. GetBucks is a South African short term financial credit provider which offers its services and products exclusively using the online space. What makes GetBucks unique is the fact that they have put the power of credit in the hands of the consumer because clients are given the privilege of choosing how much they need and how long it will take to pay back. What must however be emphasised is the fact that the GetBucks credit is not meant for lifestyle altering purposes but rather life maintenance purposes which have to do with unforeseen bills and expenses.

GetBucks loansBecause of the use of the online space and technology, clients are afforded the opportunity of doing a quick online application which takes less than 10 minutes. Upon completion of the application, an offer of credit is immediately given which is subject to acceptance and final processing. First time applicants are allowed to apply for anything between R500 to R4000, existing customers may apply for 6 months credit up to an amount of R8000. Payments are collected through a debit order on the clients chosen and preferred repayment date of the month.

To qualify for this credit facility, a prospective client needs to be between the age of 18 and 65 years, be a resident and employee within the borders of South Africa, have an active bank account and  a personal email address and cell phone number.

GetBucks can indeed be counted on for easy and flexible credit. GetBucks can be contacted on 087 808 0120.
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GetBucks loans – credit made simple

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