Fernanco Pawnshop is a leading pawn shop based in Krugersdorp West, South Africa. While pawn shops had a negative image generally, in the past, nowadays they are becoming increasingly popular.

This institution is one of many pawnshops across the world, that are experiencing a revolution in popularity. At Fernanco Pawnshop, you are able to get a cash loan in exchange for an item of value. What this means is that if you’re running a bit low on cash for the month and you don’t have the option of turning to your local bank for assistance, you can visit Fernanco.

Why choose Fernanco Pawnshop?

Fernanco Pawnshop, based at 72 Fisher Street in Krugersdorp West is in a secure location, so you can rest assured that your goods are safe.

More pawn shops are even offering guaranteed secure, insured storage for pawned items, so more people are trusting these institutions with their big-ticket items for the duration of the loan.

Due to hard economic times faced by many people from all walks of life, Fernanco Pawnshop provides its services to a range of individuals. Getting a cash loan from Fernanco Pawnshop is convenient and easy. There are no credit checks or income checks, so if you have a bad credit record you may also benefit from their services. If you have valuable items such as laptops, fine art, valuable jewellery or even big-ticket items such as boats, you can approach Fernanco Pawnshop for your cash needs.

Another factor that has improved the image of pawn shops such as Fernanco Pawnshop is the popularity of TV shows like Pawn Stars. These shows have helped individuals get an inner view into how pawn shops operate and help to legitimise operations for the ordinary consumer.

To contact Fernanco Pawnshop, simply call: 011 415 1866.

Fernanco Pawnshop

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