Fedhealth medical covers – It is said a healthy nation, community, family or individual is a happy and productive nation, community, family or individual. It is for this reason that governments, families and individuals invest lots of financial resources into health matters. Statistics  have also shown that impulsive expenditure on sudden unfortunate health challenges and solutions has always  proven to be more expensive than the alternative  avenue of having an already created financial reservoir in form of a medical aid.

With a healthy business portfolio of providing medical aid to around 148 800 people and with over 1700 pharmacies, 4380 general practitioners and 3290 specialists under its umbrella, Fedhealth has become South Africa’s ultimate and reliable medical aid house.

Fedhealth has pulled out all stops to ensure that they innovatively create medical aid products that meet diverse needs such as the ordinary hospital covers and even the comprehensive healthcare plan that offers so much more. Fedhealth offers the Blue Door, Maxima and Ultima medical aid schemes.

The blue door scheme is meant for previously uncovered lower-income employees and services under this cover can accessed at Fedhealth network hospitals and network partner providers. The maxima cover is broken down into two different groups, the maxima entryzone is a hospital plan that provides solid and affordable cover and includes value added benefits such as free annual flu vaccines for the whole family and one free GP visit per beneficiary per year. The maxima core is a hospital plan that provides unlimited hospital cover at all private hospitals and other important major medical expenses. The ultima cover is divided into the ultima 200 and the ultima 300. The ultima 200 is a hospital plan that offers a comprehensive hospital benefit at a private hospital of a clients choice and other benefits like unlimited MRI and CT scans paid from risk whether a client is hospitalised or not and this cover offers child rates for financially dependant children up to the age of 27 years. The ultima 300 allows clients to enjoy unlimited private hospital cover at a private  hospital of their choice and other unique benefits.

For any medical aid needs, Fedhealth is indeed the right service provider to speak to. Fedhealth can be contacted on 0860 002 153.

Fedhealth medical covers

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