Saving is always a good idea and there are many ways to save. One of the simplest and convenient ways to save is with a Clicks ClubCard. It’s a free card that can be applied for at any Clicks store and used for every purchase. Members get rewarded points every time they shop at a Clicks store or pharmacy. There is a Blue Clicks card, Gold Clicks card and Discovery Vitality card.

Members can swipe their Blue Clicks card whenever they shop at a Clicks store or pharmacy and earn points which could be ClubCard points, Bonus points or Double points. Members who earn 100 ClubCard points in a 2-month collection period qualify for a cash-back voucher, which they can use at a Clicks store or any Clicks affiliates on whatever they like, excluding gift cards.

Members collecting 300 ClubCard points within 12 months will be upgraded to Gold and earn an extra Bonus point for every point over 150 in the qualification period. Members also receive a ClubCard magazine when qualifying for Gold Bonus points. Members over 60 years can join the seniors’ programme and earn Double points on the second Wednesday of every month.

Clicks ClubCard members who are also Discovery Vitality members can get up to 40% savings when they shop at Clicks. Discovery Vitality members get up to 10% back when they activate the Health Care benefit, and increase cash back up to 25% when they do a Vitality Check. Members can also activate MedSaver and qualify for up to 10% cash back. MedSaver is available to members of all schemes administered by Discovery Health.

For more details members can visit or call 0860 99 88 77.

Earn cash back with Clicks ClubCard

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