Direct Axis was established in 1995 with the vision of being a reliable intermediary between loan and insurance service products and clients. With s strong base of expert knowledge and expertise from shareholder partners like First Rand Bank and global financial services company Yellowwoods and a strict adherence to the highest standards and business principles, DirectAxis has written more than 1 million personal loans, serviced over 385,000 car and home customers and over 165,000 life insurance customers.

direct axis loansOne of the products at this reputable financing house is the Direct Axis personal loan. Direct Axis offers clients unsecured personal loans up to R150000 with repayment periods running between 2 to 6 years. Clients enjoys the option of choosing the suitable amounts between R4,000 to R150,000 in increments of R1000. The Direct Axis personal loan has assisted many to meet personal needs like home renovations, education fees, consolidating retail accounts etc.

The Direct Axis loans come with great benefits such as fixed repayment rates for the full term of the loan. This loan facility is also easy to access online or telephonically with no face to face interviews and applications are processed and feedback provided to clients in minutes. This facility also allows clients tp enjoy a peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with an authorised financial services provider compliant with the national credit act.

To qualify for the Direct Axis loans, a prospective clients needs to have clear credit references and a regular monthly income of at least R3000, ID number and bank details in which a salary is deposited. If a client is self employed, proof of income will be required.

Direct Axis can be contacted on 0861020304.
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