Are you in need for a personal loan? Need quick cash? Capitec Bank’s Multi Loan option allows you to get a monthly loan of about R100,000. The loan is approved every 12 months. You can transfer money to your daily savings account through internet or mobile banking or Capitec ATMs. Capitec charges interest and other fees only on the transferred money; however, you are required to pay off this amount in full monthly. So any advance you use has to be settled by the end of the month.
As a Capitec client,

  • If you are depositing your salary in Capitec account, you are eligible for lower interest fees.
  • If you use Global One Card, you are even eligible for zero fees.
  • If you withdraw cash at Capitec ATMs, you are eligible for zero fees.

You must be formally employed. Capitec bank’s credit granting facility is not available for the self employed or those determining their own salaries. In order to be eligible, you should have

  • Latest payslip
  • Original proof of present residence
  • Valid Identification Document
  • 3 month bank statement

The bank charges interest and fee only on the funds you advance. For example, if you have been approved for R3,000 multi loan and you advance R600 while out of town, you need to pay interest and fee only on R600.

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