Blue loans Financial Services describes itself as a pan-African financial services group and this is certainly the case.

Established in 2001, Blue Financial Services offers its services to customers across the continent and is also looking to expand the reach of its services to other countries.
Blue distinguishes itself from other financial service companies because of its affordable financial solutions which it provides to its customers in 12 African countries. These financial solutions are tailored to the variety of socio-economic environments in each country. Customers in South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya and Namibia, to name just few, enjoy the affordable service that Blue provides.

If you are in urgent need of a short term loan, look no further than Blue Financial Services which provides loans to customers through Blue CashXpress. The service is designed specifically to help customers take care of those unexpected expenses and emergencies.

Blue Financial Services offers low interest rates and is based on the unsecured financing model. The prospective customers only needs three things to apply: a valid Identity Document, their latest original pay slip and their bank statements from the last three months.

Blue loans CashXpress believes in catering to the everyday needs of its clients. The payback period includes a one month option to accommodate for emergency household daily expenses to bridge the cash flow gap the next salary payment of the customer. It also includes a 60 month general purpose loan to accommodate for the customers’ lifestyle aspirations or for more serious emergencies.

If a customer’s application is approved, they can expect cash to be deposited into their stated accounts within 20 minutes.
For a service that will surely cater to your financial needs in an affordable manner, contact Blue Financial Services.
Tel: +2712 990 4300
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