Avios credit card South Africa – A credit card is a unique product which has immensely altered the purchasing process and the  credit industry as a whole. While this product carries some benefits, it is perceived by many to be a financial burden because the credit purchases it facilitates hamper individual and family efforts to be debt free and enjoy financial freedom. There is however one card which has given the credit card product a different complexion all together. This card is the Avios credit card.

The Avios credit card is a card that rewards card holders for spending. Clients collect Avios rewards for every purchase made using the card. For every R10 card holders spend, they get rewarded with one point and if the shopping is done at any Pick ‘n Pay or at BP, card holders earn double points.

Avios credit cardThe Avios credit card among other benefits comes with automatic membership to the Avios travel rewards programme which allows card holders to book flights with British Airways for both domestic and international flights. This card also doesn’t expire as long as the card holder collects or spends one Avios every three years. This card also comes with a minimum service fee of R35 per month.

To get access to this life changing credit card, Avios can be contacted on 0861428467.

Avios credit card

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