The ability to identify a niche in a broad and complex financial and business market is what defines a sustainable and reliable business. This is what sets 1st for women insurance apart from the rest. 1st for women offers car insurance tailored to meet insurance needs of South African women. 1st for women offers three types of car insurance policies to choose from, these are comprehensive, 3rd party fire and theft and third-party only.

1st for women comprehensive car insurance is an all-inclusive policy which covers the vehicle against most risks and perils and its mandatory for cars which are financed by the bank. This policy covers the vehicle if its stolen or broken into, it also covers your own damage as well as the damage, costs and expenses of any third-party in the event of an accident that you caused. This insurance policy also covers medical costs of up to R500 in the event of an accident.

The third-party, fire and theft insurance protects your car against theft, fire related damages and damages caused to another persons car during an accident. This policy however does not extend to any damages to the vehicle that you as the driver or owner has caused. This insurance cover also includes medical costs up to R500 if any of your vehicle occupants are injured following an accident.

3rd party only insurance policy does not cover your car at all. The policy is tailored to protect your financial well-being and cover expenses, costs, damages or injuries which you have caused to another person or vehicle during an accident. It also covers you if your vehicle damages other people’s property.

1st for women insurance can be contacted on 0860212143.

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